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Time to think differently about mobile data plans

We recently worked with Alcatel-Lucent and their WNG team to develop the below infographic on the evolution of the mobile data plan. Usage habits have continued to evolve dramatically over recent times, and our infographic needed to communicate how and why. The simple fact is that we, people, all of us, have become addicted to our mobile phones. If you don’t believe me, have a look at ‘nomophobia’. Around three-quarters of us now panic irrationally if we lose our mobile or are unable to use it. About half of users sleep with their phones next to them. As our infographic points out, we now look at our mobiles more times per day than we look at our loved ones.

The ‘why’ is based on the simple fact that we’re now able to do more things on our mobile devices and in more places. Alcatel-Lucent’s small cells technology is powering the way in which operators can address data demand while their WNG team is meeting operator needs to transform data plans to give subscribers a more interactive experience with their mobile provider. With 4G LTE set to rapidly increase the amount of data users consume and one-third of US users still experiencing bill shock, giving subscribers more control over their mobile data usage seems like a smart way forward.


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