About us

We are a well-established team of content strategists, writers, designers, and digital marketers with a laser focus on the tech sector. For over 20 years, we’ve created global content campaigns for some of the world’s leading tech firms.

Who we are

Futurity Media is a content agency that helps technology businesses to grow. Since 2002, we’ve worked with some of the most influential companies in the tech business (see our case studies) who rely on us to drive their customer comms, demand generation and brand journalism activities.


Leading tech journalists Stewart Baines and Anthony Plewes founded Futurity Media in 2002. They remain the bedrock of our agency – maintaining the quality of our output, developing new techniques and optimizing formats, and constantly staying on top of industry trends. With a background in journalism and analysis, they ensure that all our work is engaging, relevant and honest.

Our team

Our two editors and project managers supervise all projects, ensuring their is a clear plan, that content stays on track, delivered on-time and on-budget

Our team of six staff writers – based in the UK, APAC and USA – have their own specialist topic areas such as AI, cloud, SASE, CX and cybersecurity. We also have regular contributors with specialist knowledge of wholesale telecoms, satellite, financial services, air transport, Industry 4.0, logistics, and utilities.

Our three senior designers create our presentations, animations, infographics, event signage and marketing collateral.

Our digital marketing experts can create content strategies, plan campaigns, perform SEO audits, manage PPC and advise on social selling.

Why we do it

We’ve always believed that quality content is the cornerstone of effective B2B marketing. We bring our journalistic heritage into the corporate marketing mix so that companies can tell a more engaging, honest story about how they can help solve customer’s problems rather than pitching features and facets. And we do this because we enjoy storytelling.

Six reasons for choosing Futurity Media

1. We understand complex technologies

We stay on top of the latest technologies and market dynamics that drive industry innovation. We have in-depth knowledge of cloud, SD-WAN, 5G, IoT, AI/ML, cyberdefense, containers, Blockchain, smart cities, collaboration and customer experience. We’re comfortable with being down in the weeds and raising the story to a C-level audience.

2. We address your audience

We work with ambitious startups, influential trade associations and governmental organizations and billion-dollar service providers, all with a different objective and audience. These can include the CIO, CISO, CFO, network architect, press, analyst, employees, shareholders, developers, consumers. We adapt the tone-of-voice and content for each persona.

3. Been there, done it

Our staff have over 20 years’ experience in a range of senior and management roles in content production, journalism, PR, graphic design, digital marketing and social media – across the technology industry. No interns will work on your projects.

4. Project managing complex campaigns

We have extensive experience of working on complex projects with multiple stakeholders and deliverables. When you’ve created over 10,000 assets and articles, you gain a huge insight into best practice and we regularly share these insights such as our 12 Rules For White Paper Success ebook.

5. Ideas to results

Our multidisciplinary team and selected partner network can meet all of your marketing and communications needs. From campaign planning and content creation to PR, advertising and social media, we start with ideas and deliver results.

6. Attention to detail

We have a stringent quality assurance process to ensure that the work we produce is an accurate reflection of your requirements and of the highest quality. All content is supervised by our editors, all design overseen by our creative director and all campaigns managed by our founders. Our client retention is excellent because of our attention to the details. 


We can help you find your way out

We have worked with some of biggest names in telecoms and IT

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