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Create the ideal white paper in eight weeks [infographic]

Feb 11, 2020 | White papers

In 20 years of content creation, we have been asked many times how long it takes to produce a white paper. To help explain the process and typical time required we created this infographic that visually shows the stages in creating a white paper. It’s important to remember that there are many different parties involved in creating a paper, both on the agency and the client side.

Successful white papers need to take into account all stakeholders’ views throughout the process, and this takes time. Rushing any of these stages will likely result in a white paper that will need to be reworked – and take longer overall. The timeline we have created has listed the key milestones and responsibilities over the entire process – which typically takes a minimum of eight weeks, from kick off through to delivery of the designed document.

You can also download the Infographic as a PDF. For best practices on writing a white paper download our ebook outlining the 12 rules for success.


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