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Why the tech industry needs content marketing

Oct 28, 2016 | Advice

Content marketing is more than just creating free content – be it words, videos, animation or audio – it is about giving something valuable, educational and entertaining to your audience in order to get valuable feedback and brand loyalty in return.  The more the audience engages with the content, the more they will return. That’s why 72% of marketers recognize that content is a more effective form of marketing than PR, advertising and direct marketing.

Got a complex message? 

The technology and telecoms industries are fast moving when compared to other markets: new technology is constantly being released yet businesses buy technology in 3 or 5 year cycles, perhaps longer. IT buyers need to be reassured that when they procure a new technology or system, that firstly, it’s going to be an improvement on what they already have (migration can be costly) and that it will have a long-enough lifespan and not be obsolete.  Consequently, IT buyers are hungry to know what innovations are coming down the pipeline. Content marketing can provide this audience with new, exciting, in-depth, informative material and comment from industry leaders they can’t get anywhere else.

Moving your audience forward

B2B organizations are undergoing a major change in buying behaviour, underscored by an increase in online research across multiple platforms before making a purchase. 92 per cent of B2B buyers now research online before they make purchasing decisions. And they are doing it while mobile too….44% have researched company products on a smartphone or tablet in the past twelve months.

Content marketing can help you educate your audience and get valuable comment that will enable you to target your resources, build brand recognition, making your business more productive, agile and enable you to see a better return on your ROI. Remember buyers start with a web search!

Traditional media doesn’t hold the reins anymore

Content has always been about telling stories that capture an audience’s imagination.  Traditional media is news and product lead and the final decision at the end of the day on what runs is down to the editor, and so is its shelf life. Content marketing lets you take control of your content and your brand in a way that hasn’t been possible previously.  You can now be your own creator and publisher and online TV producer.

Today’s 24/7 connected audience are continually searching for fresh and relevant content. Creating your own content puts the ball back in your court.  You can evangelize in your own tech area and build up a following of new and loyal customers. Your audience will also pass on good content via social media, so it is self-perpetuating.

Don’t turn off the content tap!

If you get your content marketing right, your audience will keep coming back for more and the numbers will build, so it is key to keep valuable content flowing.

Businesses are often lured by the excitement and possible high return of short marketing campaigns, only to be bitterly disappointed, having roped in social media experts, PR and blog writers to see interest wane after making a hefty investment.

Content marketing should be seen as a long term strategy that will create positive behavioural changes in your audience over time. The best results come from an ‘always on’ content strategy across all platforms to establish and retain customer engagement that will deliver ongoing business results. You must be on your audience’s favorite list. A number of technology companies offer indepentent, impartial insight into technology trends. A good example is the Real Times magazine which we produce for Orange Business Services and it’s enterprise audience. Real Times keeps the business audience abreast of new technologies and how they can be applied on global enterprises.  Readers return time again and again because they know this is where they can find reliable authoritative informative and well-written content.

Users today are exposed to so much information, it is virtually impossible to create long-lasting awareness built around a quick and simple exposure campaign!

Is there a content marketing magic formula?

The answer is no – there is no silver bullet.  But you need to create informative and immersive content that will resonate with the technologically minded audience you are targeting. Be genuine and be true, they will see through sales talk.  Your audience wants purpose driven content that was created especially for them.



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