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Introducing Crowdfund Champion

Jul 3, 2014 | Interesting stuff

We’ve launched Crowdfund Champion, a new website where we are working to provide everything investors need to make use of the fantastic opportunity of crowdfunding platforms.

If you visit the site you’ll find a growing directory of crowdfunding servicesnewshot projects and services being pitched on those services, information about special eventsinterviews and more – we’re adding new content regularly.

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Why are we doing it?

The crowdfunding industry is experiencing rapid growth across the planet as smart investors seize the opportunity to make some cash and entrepreneurs jump aboard to pick up some funding to get their great ideas started.

Crowdfunding is a big deal – not least because it offers a new way to get new ideas started. It’s not so long ago when someone with a brilliant business idea who couldn’t get any cash from a VC or a bank was pretty much forced to quit before they even began.

“When I was young, the word entrepreneur was almost a dirty word,” Richard Branson recently said. “Few people were willing to back young people with big ideas.”

These days a smart entrepreneur who has a business idea in place can also try to raise funding by exploring the crowdfunding sites (reward-based, peer-to-peer loans, equity and angel funding sites, for example) and choosing the one most appropriate to their idea. And writing a brilliant proposal

Of course, there’s no guarantee anyone will raise the finance they seek using these platforms, but as interest rises and the big investors take notice there’s a growing audience willing to take a look at what you have to offer.

“I think crowdfunding is a crucial toolkit for an entrepreneur,” author Dan Marom (The Crowdfunding Revolution) has said. “It’s the democratisation of entrepreneurship.”

It means anyone can invest in a great idea, and as the significance of this spreads we think this is going to challenge traditional investment models and put the power of the crowd at the heart of modern business practice.

The rapid rise in crowd interest in crowdfunding means we’re also seeing a bit of a media explosion, which makes it hard to keep on top of the latest news, views, tips and hot picks.  That’s where our editorial team steps in, sifting through mountains of information to gather the best and most useful stuff together in one place.

We’re looking at trends and ideas. We’re checking the pitches and working hard to make sure Crowdfund Champion becomes a go-to destination for any investor looking for good advice, and anyone considering getting their great idea funded by the crowd.

If you have any news or views that you want to share with us for publication then please contact us at [email protected].

Crowdfund Champion is brought to you by content specialists Futurity Media and  mobile & startup PR agency MUSTARD PR.

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