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Business continuity at Futurity

Mar 18, 2020 | Insights

My email and social media feed is full of companies using the Coronavirus crisis to champion their collaboration, conferencing or task management tools that enable people to work from home. There’s also a lot of advice on how to motivate home workers in organisations that have a tendency toward presenteeism.

While we’re not going suggest how to implement homeworking, we feel it is important to make a statement about our working practices to reassure current and potential clients about our business continuity plans.

Skilled up

Our team is already widely distributed: London, Hertfordshire, County Durham, Wiltshire, South Wales, Thailand and the USA. Each day we meet virtually and talk through our projects. We discuss ideas and review each other’s work. We flag problems, highlighting dependencies so that we do our part in hitting deadlines.

Most of our clients are widely distributed too and we meet with them on conference call or video or screenshare. We’ve worked with some clients for over 10 years despite never having met in the flesh. The whole process of producing marketing content is extremely virtual.

Tooled up

We have built our business on collaboration tools and SaaS. For the record, we like:

  • Trello for project management
  • Harvest for time tracking
  • Gsuite Enterprise for messaging & conferencing
  • Office 365 for productivity & conferencing
  • Dropbox for file sync
  • Xero for accounts
  • Trendkite for media monitoring
  • And there are many other tools we use regularly including: Zoom, Slack, Shutterstock, WordPress, Evernote, Tungsten, Norton, Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, SEMRush.

We can work securely from any device, any location – and have done so for years. We produce around 750 articles and assets a year, and you can’t do that without a well-oiled editorial process.

Open for business

We will not be laying off any staff. Our team remains available to work on our contracted projects and new campaigns. As ever, we will deliver on time and on message. The last thing you need is your agency to be a weak link.

Solid foundations

We are financially sound. We have no debt, and good reserves, and for many of our projects we work under retainer or long-term contract so you can be assured that we will weather the storm.

So we recognize that you, our clients, may be under considerable strain at the moment, and that campaign plans that you have been working on for months have just been shredded. In the coming weeks, you will have new objectives, and your customers will be facing different business challenges than they faced six months ago. Your messaging will change.

But rest assured, we’ll be here to help you get your stories out there and ensure the messages resonate. We will be your lighthouse in the storm.

Purpose-led and socially responsible: why businesses need to support their supply chain.



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