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Technology marketing is not about marketing technology

Feb 2, 2017 | Marketing

As the dizzying array of martech platforms begin to dominate B2B marketing, we’ve found our clients increasingly ask us to help them understand an implement automated content marketing campaigns.

The challenge is always the same: how do we make all this new marketing analytics and automation actually drive demand generation?

So we thought we’d share some best practice when executing a content marketing campaign that is focused on demand generation:

  1. Experience and Creativity are crucial

A recent survey of senior markers in the tech industry by DataXu showed that while 78% of marketers say that understanding core technology is important, creative execution is still the most important factor in a successful content campaign.

  1. Martech is a tool, not a solution

The same survey also showed that the glut of marketing technology is creating problems. Managing the different platforms to generate meaningful results is taking marketers eye off the ball; thorough audience research, campaign planning and creative execution are the keys to a successful marketing campaign.

  1. Multichannel content drives demand

As we’ve said before technology marketers need to think more strategically about content. Integrating sales content, thought-leadership, online PR and event content creates the consistency and reach that you need to generate demand.

  1. People buy people. So bring senior execs into your content strategy

Content can build a CEO’s online profile positioning them as thought leaders and educationalists, building a personal brand around their expertise. At the same time blogs can help humanize an organization, making it feel more approachable to the outside world and instilling trust in the wider community.

  1. It all begins and ends with good content

Content is the consistent thread through all of your external comms: PR, editorial, product, sales, marketing & customer service all rely on consistent, well crafted content. Stop looking at content as a function of a marketing tactic or PR push and start seeing all of your digital communications as a function of content. A central content strategy that is focused on your target audience and informs all owned and earned media will cut through your competition.

For over 10 years, Futurity Media has been helping craft multi-channel thought leadership for leading technology organisations like Orange Business Services, Vodafone, Gemalto, NTT, SITA and the GSM Association.

To learn more about our work, get in touch with us.


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