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blogbus: vital statistics infographic

Oct 5, 2012 | Insights

The posts on keep on coming through thick and fast so thanks to all #blogbus members.

Here’s an infographic showing the reach and amplification achieved by our collective efforts.  Over 2300 #blogbus tweets and retweets were created in 462 locations around the world demonstrating that this really was a global project.  There’s over 10 million impressions which a pretty amazing and meaningless metric*.

The Orange blogger bus tour was created and managed in partnership with Futurity Media.  To read how and why we created the tour check out this earlier post.  And to understand the value in co-creation, peruse this great presentation by Yann Gourvennec on the future of social media.

(Impressions in a Tweetreach report are very hypothetical. If I tweet once and have a 1000 followers, that’s 1000 impressions. If it is retweeted by someone with 10,000 followers, that is 11,000 followers and so on. Obviously, my paltry 1000 followers are not staring at their Twitter interface (web site, Tweekdeck, Hootsuite etc) all the time, so it is a  potential audience. Still, a potential audience of 10 million is pretty cool. )


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