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Orange Cyberdefense: a guide to cyber-extortion for CxOs

The most pressing cyber threat facing both small and large organizations is cyber-extortion. These attacks involve cybercriminals infiltrating a network or system and encrypting critical data, making it inaccessible to the victim organization until a ransom is paid. This approach makes ransomware attacks the most profitable avenue for cybercriminals, highlighting their primary motive of financial gain.

Orange Cyberdefense, one of Europe’s largest cyberdefense services companies, wanted to convey this message to senior executives as well as actionable advice, so we developed a series of persona-based advice sheets, with messages and advice tailored to different roles, including¬† CIO, CFO and CRO. This was one a series of CxO-level papers we wrote and designed in collaboration with OCD cyberdefense experts.

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