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Canonical: StuckStack ebook and PPC

Canonical, the company behind the open-source Ubuntu platform wanted an ebook and PPC campaign addressing the cloud computing operating system OpenStack. It wanted to highlight the fact that many implementations of OpenStack were stuck on an older version of the technology, making it difficult to upgrade to the latest versions in order to take advantage of the latest security and features. Canonical dubbed this condition StuckStack.

We worked with the Canonical team to develop an ebook, which explained the issue. The benefit of the Canonical service was that companies would be able to unblock their upgrade cycle with minimum impact on their systems or live cloud computing services. In addition to Canonical’s usual distribution approach via their website and direct mail, we developed a PPC campaign to get the message out to new prospects for the company’s services.

The StuckStack PPC six-month campaign focused on search-based advertising. We identified the long-tail keywords associated with OpenStack deployment, implementation and upgrade challenges, and built Google & Bing PPC campaigns to address these active searchers. Over the six month campaign, we tweaked our bid price and keywords to ensure our client got value-for-money leads.

An example of one of the ads:

And the campaign landing page:



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