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Why content is important in the B2B buyer journey

Compelling content is essential in nudging potential buyers along their B2B purchasing journey. As these cycles get longer and longer and competition for eyeballs increases, it is essential that you can influence potential buyers from the very beginning and you stay with them until they become customers.

67% of the IT buyer’s journey is now done digitally

70% of the B2B buying cycle is completed before the prospect reaches out to sales

17 pieces of content for IT decision makers to inform purchase decisions

4 downloaded assets to put a brand on the shortlist

46% of content marketers don’t have time to create the content they need

60% of content markers say engaging storytelling is the key to effective content marketing

Your problems

Competition is fierce

Even if you operate in a niche, your audience is constantly bombarded with information and you are in competition for those eyeballs. Consider this blogging statistic: every month there are 70 million articles published on WordPress. Your content needs to stand out by being well-written, engaging, on-message and delivered through the right channels.

You lack time and resources

You need to put an increasing amount of effort into being noticed. Companies that published 400 blog posts in 2018 got over three times more leads than companies that published between less than 100 blog posts. And don’t think you can get away with a quick post: 20% of blogs posts are now over 2000 words. You need a dedicated writing team to help you coax stories out of your experts and publish consistently.

Content is not relevant enough

Your content is neither planned nor hitting the mark. Some 45% of B2B businesses say their content is create on an ad-hoc basis, 60% don’t have a content marketing plan (CMI). When content is created, it is on the notion of a target audience and it misses the mark. Instead, use data to get insight into what your audience are searching for, what they share on social media and the best engagement levels on your own site.

Understanding the customer journey

To attract prospects and close deals you need to provide content across the entire customer journey. In B2B, the journey can be broadly split into three phases: awareness, consideration, decision. We help you match messages and medium to each stage of the buyer journey. This will help you move from drip campaigns to true lead nurturing.

Our content services

Content strategy

We can help you create an effective and sustainable content strategy that nurtures B2B customers through their buyer journey.

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Content production

From whitepapers to videos, our journalism heritage ensures that whatever medium we are working in, there is always a compelling story.

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Digital design

Our creative team designs ebooks, infographics, videos, animations, presentations and web sites – always on brand and with minimal fuss.

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Digital marketing

To ensure you have a joined-up campaign, we orchestrate PPC, SEO, ABM, social selling and digital PR with our best-of-breed partners.

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