Content marketing has become a staple ingredient in the marketing mix. In the US, B2B marketers spend around 30% their budget on content marketing and three-quarters of those plan on spending more on content next year.*

That’s because online advertising, PR, social and digital marketing cannot achieve results without a good story. The message is more important than the medium.

Everything we do is content marketing and we only do this in tech. To excel in content marketing, you really need to understand your subject matter and we do – because every one of our team has over 10 years’ experience in tech marketing.

Selling without selling

Futurity Media has been content marketing since 2002. We create premium quality, precise and engaging content to help major tech brands and start-ups communicate more effectively. We work with you to first understand both your brand and your business objectives, then create strategies based on the right content for your needs. 

  • Identify your goals – whether your campaign seeks to generate leads, educate the market, raise brand awareness or create a buzz around a new product or service
  • Tailor your messages – different audiences mean different approaches and different content.
  • Develop your content plan – know what you want to say, how you want to say it and who to.

Full range of content services

Our content services can help you meet a range of different business goals, such as lead generation, customer retention, thought leadership, brand awareness. We offer an end-to-end service from messaging all the way through to delivery.

  • Campaign planning: Messaging, positioning, content audits, personas, analysis.
  • Thought leadership: Whitepapers, ebooks, surveys, PR campaigns
  • Sales collateral: Case studies, eDMs, web pages, fact sheets.
  • Brand journalism: Articles, blogs, live blogging and editorial management.
  • Executive profile raising: Blogging, PR article placement, event booking, LinkedIn management
  • Visual communications: Sales & keynote presentations, infographics, animations.

*Source: Content Marketing Institute survey of North American marketers