We’ve been creating and curating content marketing campaigns for many of the largest players in the tech industry since 2002. Our work helps establish thought leadership, generate leads, reinforce brand and retain customers.

Founded in 2002 by tech journalists Stewart Baines and Anthony Plewes, we’ve grown into a 15-strong team of writers, designers, programmers and marketers. We have helped over 100 technology companies communicate more effectively, and in doing so have built an enviable reputation for creating and executing exceptionally high-quality content-led campaigns and projects.

Six reasons for choosing Futurity

1. Tech experts

We have been reporting on and working with the tech industry for nearly two decades charting the rapidly changing world of IT and telecoms. You can rely on us to understand the latest technologies and the market dynamics that drive industry innovation.

 2. Industry-wide experience

Our customers come from right across the IT and telecoms value chain including vendors, service providers and consultants. We have worked with some of the biggest names in technology and can help companies of all sizes get their message across.

 3. Know-how

All of our staff have over 10 years experience in a range of content production and management roles including journalism, PR, design, marketing and digital – across the technology industry.

 4. Project management

We have extensive experience on working on complex projects with multiple stakeholders and deliverables. Our team can help you deliver the project on time, irrespective of whether it is a six-week or six-month assignment.

 5. Multichannel campaigns

Our multidisciplinary team and selected partner network can meet all of your marketing and communications needs. From blog posts, ebooks, graphics and animation we can create the content you require.

 6. Attention to detail

Quality is our key concern. We have stringent quality assurance process in place to ensure that the work we produce is an accurate reflection of your requirements and of the highest quality.